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JF Global CPA steps into business niche
created by increasing global mobility

JF Global CPA is a public accounting firm specializing in tax, accounting, and business advisory services for individuals and businesses with global assets and operations. JF Global CPA was founded by Jordan Friedman, a Denver-area native and CPA who has been working with multi-national clients on their U.S. tax compliance and disclosure since 2009. Over the last eight years Jordan Friedman has emerged as an expert guide through the complex landscape of U.S. tax rules and regulations governing cross-border assets and business interests. He has been invited to speak at local consulates, trade groups, community organizations, and professional associations about the requirements for disclosing foreign assets and tax compliance for global investors.

The entry of JF Global CPA fills a void in the business community for a segment of the marketplace that is often currently overlooked because individual taxpayers and smaller companies cannot afford access to the same expertise as larger multi-nationals. As a critical destination for foreign investors and companies looking to expand operations by sending employees on assignment, there is an expanding population of newcomers to America whose lifetime of assets, business interests, and retirement plans are exposed to risk absent proper counsel like that offered by JF Global CPA. Such global mobility also means that the resulting person-to-person connections creates international entrepreneurial opportunities requiring sophisticated tax advisory services that have been out of reach until now. JF Global CPA provides these global professionals and entrepreneurs with affordable access to the tax compliance and tax advisory services that they need to be able to compete on the world stage.

As people and capital cross borders a common pitfall is failure to understand the American tax rules governing such transitions. In today’s investment landscape, any person with a diversified portfolio often holds interests in foreign companies that lead to concerns about foreign tax credits, ownership of Passive Foreign Investment Corporations (PFICs), and foreign partnerships. Globally-mobile professionals entering the United States are also often unaware of how U.S. tax law impacts upon their holdings of foreign real estate, investment accounts, or retirement accounts. In each case, taxpayers without proper counsel can end up paying unnecessarily high rates of tax and substantial penalties for failure to properly disclose their holdings.