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Tax Accounting Firm

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What we offer

Tax Compliance

  • Income tax preparation for domestic and foreign individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts and estates
  • Outbound and inbound transactions
  • Controlled Foreign Corporations
  • Foreign investments in U.S. real property (FIRPTA)
  • Treaty claims
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) & Streamlined Filing Procedures 


  • Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBARs)
  • Reports of Specified Foreign Financial Assets Under FATCA
  • Disclosure of foreign gifts and inheritances
  • Delinquent International Information Returns Program Assistance

Tax Planning &
Advisory Services

  • Pre-arrival tax planning
  • Choice of entity considerations for foreign subsidiaries
  • Avoiding punitive taxation under anti-deferral rules for investors and businesses (Subpart F, PFIC, CFC)
  • Guidance concerning U.S. treatment of foreign pension and retirement plans
  • Expatriate tax filings, including Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and foreign tax credits.